Request for Donations

We are happy to donate to charitable organizations and/or charitable fundraising events. We will supply your organization or event with tickets that can be sold at silent auction or used to enhance your fundraising effort. We do not make monetary donations. If you are a charitable organization seeking tickets to Wiley's Comedy Niteclub for your charity fundraiser then please email us with:

1. Your name,

2. The name of your organization or fundraising event,

3. The number of tickets you would like us to donate, and

4. When you need them by

Please note, we prefer someone pick the tickets up in person at the club.

Email all requests for ticket donations to

Fundraiser Events at Wiley's

We host the easiest fundraisers in the business. Our comedy experts work with you to pick the right show, we provide you an online code, and paper tickets so that you and your organization can sell tickets to a specific show. You give us $4 for every ticket sold and the organization will keep the rest (the average ticket is $15, so your organization can make $11 for every ticket sold). Whether 1 person or 300 people uses your code, or buy(s) a ticket, we'll still send you a check.

Email all requests for fundraiser shows to