Pat Godwin

Fri, Dec 15, 2017
Sat, Dec 16, 2017

Pat Godwin

Spilled coffee on Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards white shirt right before he went on stage at The Tower Theater in Philadelphia, PA. Keith wasn’t mad, but amused. He put his arm around Pat and proceeded to warm up before the show by singing horribly off-key and drinking copious amounts of a beverage Mr. Richards called “Nuclear Nightmare”. He looked down at his coffee stained shirt and remarked, “Looks like puke... It’ll be good for my image”.

Hates Don McClean. Don pissed Pat off in his hometown of Wilkes Barre, PA where he was opening for the singer/songwriter/douchebag. Pat went onstage and regaled the crowd with Don’s boring backstage behavior and then sang a very unflattering version of Don’s only hit, “American Pie”.

Performed “The Aaron Neville Song” on The Howard Stern Show live from Cleveland, OH.

Has appeared on 6 Bob & Tom CDs, 3 times on 2 albums... a comedian record.

Followed Crosby, Stills, and Nash performing “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” at The Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA in front of 22,000 people for WMMR’s 20th birthday party. It’s hard to do well after the acoustic super-group sings, “Do do do do do, do do do do do do” and gets a standing ovation lasting 10 minutes.

Wrote a song called, “Sing Potato, Sing!” in reference to a snarky comment from Randy Newman about Brian Wilson in a Rolling Stone Magazine article. Randy heard it, loved it and came on WMMR’s Morning Zoo in Philadelphia, PA to perform it with him.

Met Eric Clapton at Sigma Studios, when the guitar icon was hitting on his girlfriend at the time. Clapton realized his mistake, and ended up hanging out with Pat and listening to a rough mix of “Elvis Is Coming Back For Christmas” off his Reindeer Games CD. Eric signed Pat’s Guild acoustic guitar (something he rarely does) and he gave that guitar to his friend, Tom Griswold (co-host of The Bob & Tom Show) for producing his album, “Under The Bed”. It hangs in Tom’s office.

Played Pinball Wizard with Pete Townsend of The Who on WMMR’s Morning Zoo, while broadcasting from London. Pete signed Pat’s Takamine guitar. It hangs in his office.

Was the original home shopping show host for a company called, “Video Mall” before QVC started.

Held his high school pole vault record for over 20 years.

Did the voices for Inspector Gadget and Batman for The Kartoon Krew. It went to #5 on Billboard in the 80’s.

Bristles when people call his original songs, “song parodies”, and despises the term “Guitar Act”.