Story Slamm Dayton

Come and share your spooky TRUE tale, or enjoy theirs!

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You will be a part of comedy history when you join us for Rich's LIVE DVD TAPING. 100% CLEAN COMEDY & 110% FUNNY COMEDY! Put on your good slacks, wash behind your ears get your hair did and be camera ready when you come in the door!

October 18

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Mike Paramore

From Fox TV and The World Series of Comedy, Finalist of Wiley's Fireworks Comedy Competition.

October 20 - October 21

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Thank God It's Friday Night with Cry For Help!

Late Night Laughs With The Reigning Kings of Dayton Comedy. You know 'em. You love 'em. We're always happy to have 'em on our stage!

October 20

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Jo'el Jones For School Board Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser for the campaign of Jo'el Jones for School Board. Please come and support your candidate and enjoy the comedy of Mike Jackson, Sean Lyndsey, Luke Capasso, Dusty Lewis and more. 95% of admissions collected on this site for this show go directly to Jo'el's Campaign.

October 21

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Wiley's Sunday Comics

October 22 - October 29

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The Nicolas Cage Movie Review Hour LIVE Recording: "Vampire's Kiss"

TONIGHT'S MOVIE: "VAMPIRE'S KISS". You Love him/You Hate him...either way, you can't ignore the Oscar-Winner with the Power to Miscast Himself. Come join us as we tear him a NEW ONE.

October 26

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Dead Comics Society

Featuring the comedy of the late, greats: Rodney Dangerfield, Foster Brooks, Dean Martin, Nipsey Russell, Don Rickles, Mitch Hedberg, Phyllis Diller, Robin Harris, Tim Wilson, John Belushi, With your host, Johnny Carson.

October 27

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